Best local shopping in Pula

Where to go for the best local shopping in Pula to get some awesome fish, meat, fruit and veg?

Eating in local restaurants in Istria is an excellent choice. There are so many of them, also around our villas of Silent Valley and Blue Bay 🙂 But, from time to time, especially if you’re staying in Istria for a longer time, you may feel like cooking something great with the local specialities. For this reason, you need to know where to go for the best local shopping in Pula.

best local shopping in pula

Where to buy meat in Pula?

Of course, you can get some meat in every supermarket and Pula is really plenty of them. But, what if you want to buy something special? And in fact, why not? The barbecue, which you have in the villas, is made to be used and we really hope you will serve there some best BBQ meat 🙂

For your meat shopping we recommend you the following butcher in Pula:

LIBERO (click here for the exact location)

You really should visit them to buy meat of exceptional quality!

Where to buy fresh fish in Pula?

Buying fresh fish in Istria is simple and there is one place that you need to know! In the centre of Pula, there is a fantastic fish market offering fantastic seafood selection! Click here to see where’s that.

And there is another great news about this location! In the same place (just outside) you can also find the farmers’ market with fruit, vegetable, cheese, some local specialities (which actually can be also a great gift).

Visit the Pula City market: historic indoor-outdoor farmers’ market for the best local shopping in Pula

Watch the video from our visit to the Pula City market. You will see a mix of images from outside and inside of the market. In this way, you will see what things you can buy there and you can start making your shopping list! 🙂

Where to stay during your holidays in Istria?

Choose the comfort of one of our villas with a private pool each, located really close to the most beautiful part of Istria, with many secret beaches and other places far from the crowd.

One of the villas of Silent Valley or of the Blue Bay is an excellent choice for your wonderful time in Istria. See on the map, where you can stay:

best place for holidays in Croatia

Go to the homepage of Candy Stays and see what’s still available in the dates when you could stay in Istria:

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