Best place for holidays in Croatia

best place for holidays in Croatia

Where to go for holidays in Croatia?

Dalmatia? Hvar? Split? Dubrovnik? Pula? Where to go? In this article, you will discover what is the best place for holidays in Croatia!

best place for holidays in Croatia
Where to go for holidays?

Top holiday destinations 2020

Recently Yahoo! announced a list of top holiday destination for 2020. There are only 12 locations among all the places in the whole world!

Yahoo! is one of the world’s most important search engines, so their evaluation is supported by a lot of analysis and data.

Below you can find the complete list of Yahoo! Top 12 holiday destinations for 2020.

Yahoo! TOP 12 destinations for 2020

  1. Kent, UK
  2. Easter Algarve, Portugal
  3. Asturias, Northern Spain
  4. Istria, Croatia
  5. The Canary Islands
  6. South Goa, India
  7. Chilean Lake District, Southern Chile
  8. Kalkudah Beach, Sri Lanka
  9. Fort Cochin, Kerala, India
  10. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  11. Arles, France
  12. The Peloponnese, Greece 

Source: Yahoo!

Istria is on the list of the TOP holiday destinations for 2020!

As you can deduct from the ranking if your question is what is the best place for holidays in Croatia, it is definitely the region located in the north of Croatia named Istria.

It happens to see Istria very often in different rankings for the best holiday destinations, but still, it’s really great to be honoured by the 4th position in the Yahoo! ranking.

Find a way to discover Istria

What’s so cool about the best place for holidays in Croatia: Istria?

You will have a great holiday in Istria first of all because it offers really everything. Sea, mountains, lakes, great food, ancient landmarks, fantastic people, great sunny weather. Plus you can reach any corner of Istria within a maximum of 1 hour. It’s impossible to be bored there and it doesn’t matter if you come to Istria as a couple, as a group of friends or as a family with children.

best place for holidays in Croatia
Istria with Candy Stays is becoming an all-year-round location

The second thing is that Istria is the best place for holidays in Croatia not only in July and August. It is fantastic all year round. And you will be entertained in Istria 12 months long!

best place for holidays in Croatia
Istria with its stunning villas

The third thing that you will love about Istria is the presence of Candy Stays and the fact that you can rent our beautiful villas with a pool and benefit from our high-class service that comes in with every single stay that you book.

Learn more about our 2 locations in Istria: Silent Valley and Blue Bay.

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